2012 Conference Committee

Program Co-Chairs

Anna Randall (annabrk@speakeasy.net) and Michael Vigorito (mvigorito@sdpsyc.com)

Conference Chair

Hernando Chaves (HChaves25@aol.com)

Student/First Time Attendee Chair

Nina Ruedas (ninaruedas@gmail.com)

Award Chair

Patti Britton (drpattixox@aol.com)

Conference Registrars

Janice Hamilton and Olga Cox-Perez

AV Chair and Trainer

Jim Frieman (Chair) and David Hall (Trainer)

Scientific Review Committee

Doug Braun-Harvey, Carol Cassell, Tom Ellis, Rose Hartzell, Carlos Morales, Joseph Severino

Continuing Education Committee

Mark Bigler, Eric Buhi, Elizabeth Rae Larson, Jose Nanin (Co-Chair), Carey Roth-Bayer, Christopher White (Co-Chair)


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