About SSSS

Founded in 1957, the Society is an international organization of professionals dedicated to the advancement of sexual knowledge. The Society publishes a professional journal, sponsors programs to recognize research excellence, and holds an annual meeting and regional conferences, designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation among researchers, educators and clinicians. Membership in SSSS actively supports the Society’s work in advancing knowledge about sexuality, rewarding research excellence and promoting freedom of inquiry for researchers.

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality supports individuals’ pursuits of their professional development through the organization. The Society strives to create an open environment, inclusive of diversity in personal and professional background, free of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, ableness, age and unwanted sexual attention.

For information about upcoming annual and regional meetings, visit the events page at www.sexscience.org.

Mission Statement

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality is dedicated to advancing knowledge of sexuality. To acquire that knowledge the Society requires freedom of inquiry, support for research, and an interdisciplinary network of collaborating scholars. The Society believes in the importance of both the production of quality research and the application of sexual knowledge in educational, clinical, and other settings. The Society also sees as essential the communication of accurate information about sexuality to professionals, policy makers, and the general public.

Scientific knowledge of sexuality forms the foundation for all professional services in sexuality. This knowledge is different from opinion, requiring the collection and interpretation of evidence using public, universal, and critical scholarly standards. To this end, The Society fosters a world-wide, interdisciplinary community for professionals who, regardless of their specialization, are committed to a serious, scholarly, and scientific approach to acquiring and disseminating knowledge of sexuality. The Society provides a forum for communication, collaboration, and critical evaluation among sexuality professionals.

The Society is also dedicated to promoting human welfare by reducing ignorance and prejudice about sexuality. Science illuminates sexuality; joined with wisdom and compassion, it enhances the quality of lives.