Award Winners (previous years)

2011 SSSS Western Region Award Winners

San Francisco, CA

From Left to Right, Doug Braun-Harvey, Public Service Award; Emily Prior, Vern Bullough Award, and James Weinrich, Outstanding Contributions to Sexual Science.


Previous Award Winners

Vern Bullough Award

2011 (inaugural year) San Francisco, CA Emily Prior

Outstanding Contributions to Sexual Science

2011 San Francisco, CA James D. Weinrich
2009 Pacific Grove, CA Charles Moser
2006 Redondo Beach, CA Janet Lever
2004 San Diego, CA Marilyn Fithian
2003 San Jose, CA Norma McCoy
2002 Manhattan Beach, CA Elizabeth Loftus
1998 Honolulu, HI Milton Diamond
1995 Palm Springs, CA Ted McIlvenna
1994 San Diego, CA David McWhirter

Public Service Award

2011 San Francisco, CA Douglas Braun-Harvey
2010 Palm Springs, CA Mark Schoen
2009 Pacific Grove, CA Heather Corinna
2008 San Diego, CA Henry Waxman
2008 San Diego, CA Deb Levine
2005 San Francisco, CA Philip Tromovitch
2004 San Diego, CA John Vasconcellos
2001 Newport Beach, CA Sol Gordon
2000 San Diego, CA James Elias
1999 San Francisco, CA Bennett Haselton
1999 San Francisco, CA Nadine Strossen
1997 Newport Beach, CA JoAnn Loulan
1993 Seattle, WA Bobby Lilly

Distinguished Service to SSSS Western Region Award

2010 Palm Springs, CA Jack Morin
2009 Pacific Grove, CA Joani Blank
2008 San Diego, CA Mary Bontorin
2008 San Diego, CA Janice Epp
1998 Honolulu, CA David S. Hall
1996 San Diego, CA Marty Klein
1995 Palm Springs, CA Rebecca Black

Outstanding Student Paper Award

2009 – Pacific Grove, CA, Richard Garcia

Sexual Literacy: A Framework for Discussing Transmasculine Identity

2008 – San Diego, CA,  Jordan E. Rullo

Category-Specificity in Sexual Arousal/Interest as a Complex Function of Sex and Sexual Orientation

2006 – Redondo Beach, CA, Jordan E Rullo

Sex Differences in the Specificity of Sexual Behavior, Fantasy, and Attraction

2005 – San Francisco, CA, Deborah Teramis Christian

Dominance, Submission, and Equity: How Health BDSM Occurs without Equality between Partners


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