Awards at the 2012 WRSSS Conference

The awards nomination process is now closed.  Thank you.

This year’s Awards will be presented at the conference’s Saturday Afternoon Awards Luncheon, April 21st between 12pm-2pm.

SSSS Western Region Annual Awards for 2012

These are the four possible awards granted by the WR of SSSS each year at its annual conference. These prestigious awards are made to individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution in each area. [They do not need to be active SSSS members. Posthumous awards are also considered for outstanding individuals deserving of recognition.] If you have questions, please contact Dr. Patti Britton – or contact (323) 791-7801 for more information.

The Outstanding Contributions to Sexual Science Award

This award is made to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of sexology. These will be reflected in professional activities such as research, education, and therapy. “Outstanding contributions” shall be interpreted broadly to include such activities as publishing in professional journals, developing training programs, and refining clinical methodology.

The award shall be presented to a person or organization which:

* Has advanced the science of sexology;

* Has influenced sexology professionals, either directly or indirectly; and

* Has made a body of work available to others in the field.

The Public Service Award

This award is made to recognize outstanding service to the public in the context of sexology. The work thus honored may be reflected in activities such as public education, political activism, and enhancing media awareness.

The award shall be presented to a person or organization that has:

* Enhanced the public’s understanding of sexuality; OR

* Enhanced the public’s ability to make healthy sexual choices and

decisions; OR

* Enhanced the public’s access to society’s resources with regard to

implementing healthy sexual choices and decisions.

The Distinguished Service to SSSS Western Region Award

This award is made to recognize an individual who has labored on behalf of SSSS Western Region for several years, contributing time and expertise in one or more areas of activity. It should be someone whose contributions have benefited many members &/or attracted new members to the organization.

The Vern Bullough Award

Mission Statement

The Mission of the SSSS Western Region Vern Bullough Award is to promote scholarship into the scientific study of sexuality through research at California State University, Northridge, at both the Center for Sex and Gender Research, as well as the Vern and Bonnie Bullough Collection at the Oviat Library. It is recommended that the fields of inquiry be those of special interest to Vern and Bonnie Bullough, such as the history of sexuality, prostitution, reproductive rights, transvestism, and the promotion of social justice for erotic minorities.

This year we will be organizing two fund-raising events for the Vern Bullough Award.

Used Sexology Book Sale: Over 400 books have been donated by Dr. Mark Schoen and Sexsmartfilms ( Books will be sold at a ridiculous discounted rate to attendees only. On Thursday and Friday, students will get first crack at a variety of books by Albert Ellis, Helen Singer Kaplan, Alfred Kinsey and many others with topics ranging from child/adolescent sexuality, sex therapy, gender, and a host of other sexology topics. In honor of Vern Bullough, 100% of proceeds will go towards our Vern Bullough Student Award Fund.

Novelty Item Raffle: The Pleasure Chest (, We-Vibe (, and Doc Johnson ( have generously donated items to be raffled to our attendees. 100% of proceeds will go towards our Vern Bullough Student Award Fund.

Award Procedures

The Bullough Award is given to one recipient at each year’s Western Region Conference. Each recipient is chosen by the Awards Committee and approved by the council, using the criteria stated in the mission. Recipients receive a certificate and a check for $500. The first Bullough award was presented at the San Francisco Conference, April, 2011. The Western Region has voted to fund the Bullough award for five years (total of $2,500). The plan calls for holding fundraising events at WR conferences so that the yearly award can continue indefinitely.


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